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Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being

~J. Stanford

Our Staff Welcomes You


Kathie Graves



I am a 2011 Baker College graduate with an Associates in Massage Therapy.  I am also certified in Cupping, Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Acupuncture.  I provide therapeutic client-focused care and my sessions begin with a thorough intake form and a solid foundation of communication.  I focus on postural correction, pain management and injury recovery, using a variety of techniques such as deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point and/or cupping.  Each body is unique and I create an approach that is tailored to each individual client.  I am results driven, and massage is accumulative, so my goal is to work with people who want to make massage a regularly scheduled and planned part of their life.  In my spare time I love to read, cook, garden and browse through antique shops.


Nikki Daughdrill


Nicki is a 2014 graduate of Everest Institute. She has been a full-time therapist in the chiropractic field and will now be bringing her experience and expertise here. She specializes in deep tissue and cupping and will tailor her treatments to what you need at the time. In her spare time, Nicki loves to be outdoors, in the heat, camping and being in the water, and she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


Beth Hansen

Certified Naturopath

Beth is a 2012 graduate from the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education. She offers Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, Color and Sound Therapy, Neural Organization Technique, Conception and Pregnancy Support and Natural Health Assessments. Beth is also trained in the use of Homeopathy, Herbs, Essential Oils and Flower Essences. In her spare time, Beth enjoys camping, geocaching, and going on tractor rides with her husband.

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Georgette Ames


Born and raised in Grand Rapids, I had a desire to care for myself and found my way into the enjoyment of herbs. From there I became one of the first students at the "Institute of Naturopathic Health and Reflexology" where I became an Herbalist, Reflexologist and a Naturopathic Educator. I did not intend to do Reflexology but soon found that it was everything that I heard it was and more. I have been a practicing Reflexologist and Herbalist for over 18 years. My hands are a vessel that gives what I am able, in hopes that many will find their health is in their own hands. Hands helping other hands.


Donna Crowley

Certified LifeTalk Consultant

30 years ago Donna Crowley began her journey as a potter; as a result, Hippie Pots was born. Donna is also a certified consultant through WayPoint in LifeTalk, ParentTalk, and RelationshipTalk. She is currently completing her BusinessTalk certification. These disciplines naturally came together into a unique art & personal development platform called HeARTisan. Besides her passion for mud-slinging and working with her consulting clients (she loves seeing people THRIVE as they apply new skills in both areas), she enjoys creating her own series of inspirational coloring books and other products for people who desire to create a better life for themselves. Donna lives in Mid-Michigan with her husband of 28 years and has two adult daughters.

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Paige Sochor


Paige is a clinically trained herbalist who is passionate about helping clients make necessary shifts in their diet and lifestyle with the support of herbal remedies to improves ones vital force. She is fascinated with the feminine archetype and enjoys work in women's health the most. She hopes to show her clients that creating a healing relationship with mother nature is not only effective but rewarding. Thus, along with clinical consultations, she has handcrafted herbal offerings for her clients under the name of A Spoonful Of Sugar. After all, "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down" -Julie Andrews

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Take Back Your Life!

Our bodies hold many past injuries; physical, emotional and spiritual. Our habits can also give us a limited range of motion that can restrict our freedom of movement and ultimately cause pain.

Feel the Freedom

Schedule your massage session today and discover how great you are meant to feel. Heal your posture, recover from injury or surgery, compliment your physical therapy and chiropractic treatment, and start your journey to living your life pain free. Frequent bodywork has been proven to effectively address the issues that have negatively affected your quality of life.

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