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My name is Bethany Block. I turned to holistic nutrition and wellness after doctors couldn't figure out why I was sick all the time. I decided to do my own research and discovered, that by changing my nutrition and lifestyle, I felt and looked amazing. I hoped to share this information with everyone!

I saw people struggling to make these changes on their own, but the maze of information out there made it confusing and difficult. I decided to help. I can guide you through the maze of information and provide a clear and easy plan to transform your life. You can have the health you have always imagined. With easy steps and information, it will become clear to you. Together we can embark on this journey to your new way of life.

Take Back Your Health

The doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition." ~Thomas Edison When the body is provided with optimal nutrition it can function to its fullest potential and fight off disease. With so many different diet options and promises from so many sources, it is difficult to know what is true. Optimal nutrition is the cornerstone of our health. It provides the foundation on which all else is built. I offer nutritional consulting to educate you in the areas of food and nutrition. I work with you to personally design a plan that identifies imbalances and supports the body's systems so that it can function to its fullest potential.

Spiritual Wellness

The physical side of the body mirrors the spiritual side of the body. To have a full recovery, it's important to discover the root of the problem. Treating the spiritual side is essential. A spiritual imbalance could manifest into physical disease and sickness that keeps coming back if you are only treating the physical side. This type of treatment sets me apart from other practitioners. I use talk therapy, custom lifestyle changes, guided meditations, diet changes and education to support both the physical and spiritual. This provides optimal health


*Wellness Consulting*
This will bring the physical and spiritual into balance.
*Nutrition Consulting*
Optimal nutrition can help with allergies, losing weight, brain fog, low energy, and a compromised immune system
*Custom Guided Meditation*
Working in your subconscious can lead to healing.
*Home Health*
Providing the tools and the education in your home can help create an environment to support new lifestyle choices.